Ensuring an online presence to address customers’ buying needs

Bringing visitors to your e-commerce site to make them buy your products is tricky. Visitors to the site will only make a purchase if the products as well as the site is designed and acts towards fulfilling their needs, wants, motivations and fears.

Back story of an online buyer

Visitors to your e commerce site are not aware nor they care about your sales funnel. They have their own pipeline and activities which are stages in what we know as the “buying cycle”. So, a customer may be looking for more information on a product, deciding on various options available or trying to make a purchase decision for a certain product. You, as a marketer, must know and strategize to not only to direct them to visit website but also to go a step further and make a purchase. For that, identifying the stage the buyer is in is important. If someone is looking for alternative brands, there is no use in simply providing more details about the basic product as the customer is already knowledgeable about that.

Matching the stage with the offer

Consider what you offer to each level or stage which the potential customer is in. For example, if someone comes to your site looking for “baby dresses”, you must provide more information on that. Once the search for information is over, they will decide to look at the various options available. There you must provide various options such as baby girl dresses, baby boy suits, accessories and so on. There must be a smooth transition from information seeking to looking at options available. This is where you should try to match the stage to relevant sales method and technique to meet the customer’s need. You should also understand that some prospective customers start the cycle, already ready to buy something. But most of the potential customers will first browse for more details and compare options; some may simply use this to kill time as well.

Buying cycle

You can use various techniques available now to decide which stage most of your visitors are in. if they spend more time browsing and not making a purchase, perhaps your selling technique needs polishing. The stages customers go through prior to making the decision to buy a product are, attention, interest, information, evaluation and post action. It is important to understand with the increased digitalization, some of these stages may not occur and some may overlap each other. Some visit a site already knowing which brand to go for while some may still be searching in the dark. If your strategies cannot help both of these types, it needs to be reimagined.

In order to cater to the customers of today, a thorough study of the customer is required as well as a knowledge of how modern technology can be used to address their needs. So make sure you are equipped with all that before you start a web project for your brand.