Advertising: How to Make a Difference

Advertising is something that we have all grown up with and it is something we both hate and rely on a daily basis. This is an unusual paradox as most of the time, something we hate is not something we love as well. The main reason that advertisements has both these effects on us is purely thanks to the content presented and how and where it is presented. A single advertisement can take on both these effects on people without changing anything in its content. This is because even a bad advertisement is important if the content shown is important to the person watching.

This where how an advertisement is made makes a difference. For someone who knows about the content or was looking out for the content of the advertisement, even if the advertisement was poorly made, it would be useful. However, the advertisement would then completely fail at the main purpose of it, which is to gain the attention and interest of the people who were not specifically looking out for the content of the advertisement.

In order for an advertisement to get an uninterested person interested, the advertisement should be created well or creatively enough that it captures the attention of the individual and keep it. Advertisements through lightbox installation can have a tremendous effect of catching a person’s attention and sharing the message. This can be done, the right way and the horribly wrong way. You can always capture the attention of a person by been so bad that they remember the advertisement for days. However, this can do more harm than good. This is because, since the individual has a negative image of the advertisement, he will not care for the content and might even view the content in the same image of the advertisement itself. One simple way of making this horrible mistake is through the use of bad translations.

However, when done right, advertisements play a very powerful and influential role in affecting a person’s decision and to promote the content of the advertisement. It is due to this power that most countries have bodies that regulate the content that can be shown in advertisements and the audience of the advertisements. For example, some companies don’t allow or discourage advertisements from targeting children as children can be easily persuaded and they have a much higher tendency to become victims of the advertisement.

This goes to show the importance of advertisements and how single advertisement can make or break the reputation of any company or person. This is also why good advertising companies can charge so much for their services.