Boost employee morale by internal marketing

The success of any company depends not only on its physical reserves or the leadership but also on its employees. If they are motivated to work for you, passionate about elevating the company up in the relevant industry and care about it as much as you do as owners, then you are on to a good start. If not, it is your duty to make sure you can make the workforce feel that way. For this, you can try some internal marketing.

Employee welfare

One thing every employee value, is how much a company cares about them. Many developed countries have moved on to take steps for improving employee welfare, such as flexible timing for work, paternity leave, in-house day care centers, working-from-home options and many more. Gone are the times when providing an insurance or a year-end bonus made headline news in the company newsletter. Therefore, first talk to the employees and check on what is lacking within your firm. It may not be just salary hikes they are looking for. It should be easy enough to fulfill at least some basic requests such as a restroom/ sick room, facilities or monetary help for higher education and sports and fitness regimes, ergonomic furniture etc. However without blindly following any “HR guru” or “industry best practices”, you have to first talk to the people to see the true picture.

Tell them about the company

To be proud about where you work, you must first know about it. Tell the employees about the history, how you or your initial team brought it to where you are today from ground up, the threats, the hardships and whatnot. People like to listen to stories and you can easily make a timeline of the company saga which can be either displayed in a standee banner in the common area or telecasted on a TV screen in the lobby. When you print an employee handbook – which is a must- make sure these areas are covered. In the handbook also, you can promote any organizations and societies within the company, such as toastmasters clubs or Rotaract clubs, their history and what they have done so far. This will encourage people to becomemembers and work towards making a better life for their fellow citizens.

Premises and facilities

A major difference can be made by facilities which are valued by employees. Where the offices are located can make a difference regarding daily commutes. Within the buildings, the seating, distance to food and other daily needs etc. also are taken in to account by some workers. It is important to have a pleasant environment within the company. Take care to improve lighting, air conditioning or natural air flow, wash room facilities and more.

A company is successful as far as its employees want. So make sure they love where they work.