How to outsource your secretarial needs in the right way?

It is not easy to run a business in times like these without an immense amount of stress since that is by design. This same stress slows your wit down so that you can’t focus on things that actually matter, and the things that you are good at.

Given how responsible the role of a secretary in a business, you either have to spend a fortune in establishing an internal department or outsource it whereas the second option is the best recommended one. But how can you do it in the right way?

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In this read, we are going over 4 major tips on achieving a better how-to.

  • Always stay on touch with the process

The first and the most fundamental tip is to ensure to have a good touch with the potential service provider all the way from the start since that is important.

  • Understand what should be done by the party

Each employee has a set of objectives that he or she should be working to achieve. This technically define the job description. When you are to hire a service like this, you should have a basic understanding on what you can get from them. In a country like Singapore, most of these operations has a massive connection with the ACRA; the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. So, you must make sure that professional corporate secretarial services in singapore like below are fulfilled by the hired company;

  1. Timely enactment and management of statutory registers
  2. In-person or digital filing annual return to the ACRA
  3. Notifying the responsible parties on documentation deadlines and ACRA reminders
  4. Necessary communication with all the shareholders
  5. Preparation of the report of the director

And this list goes on. As long as they can live up to the expectations, hiring would not be an issue.

  • Make sure that there is full transparency

You can’t expect a secretary to do his or her best, a whole company in this case, if you were withholding information that clearly meddle with the accuracy. Hence, let it be the paperwork or the mere verbal communication, it is essential that both the parties are well aware of everything accurate.

  • Inquire about the types of businesses they have dealt with before

When the potential company has already dealt with similar companies, it makes things easier for both the parties. Hence, you should remember that seeing that they have both experience and that experience is concentrated on companies of similar features, it is a good sign.