Is It Manage Or Manege?

What is a horse training area called?

An equestrian facility is created and maintained for the purpose of accommodating, training or competing equids, especially horses.

Based on their use, they may be known as a barn, stables, or riding hall and may include commercial operations described by terms such as a boarding stable, livery yard, or livery stable..

What does Manege mean?

art of training and riding horsesthe art of training and riding horses. … a school for training horses and teaching horsemanship.

Where does the word manage come from?

Etymology. The English verb “manage” comes from the Italian maneggiare (to handle, especially tools or a horse), which derives from the two Latin words manus (hand) and agere (to act).

What is another word for manage?

What is another word for manage?handledirectcontroloverseesuperviseguiderulesuperintendcommandhead213 more rows