Question: Can I Use PayPal On PlayerAuctions?

Where is PlayerAuctions located?

Their international office locations: South Korea, Shanghai, Philippines and Hong Kong..

Is PlayerAuctions a legit site?

Yes, PlayerAuctions is an authentic and trustworthy platform. We’ve been up and running since 1999 and are trusted by 1 million+ registered members. Our business protects Buyers from scams, and provides Sellers protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

Why is my PlayerAuctions account suspended?

From time to time, our Risk Management Team will suspend members, and lock them out of our website. If you create more than 1 account, then all of your accounts will be suspended. … Avoid sharing Payment accounts or credit card with another member.

Can I transfer Webmoney to PayPal?

To perform Webmoney exchange to PayPal you can use our online service. … link PayPal account to your Webmoney WMID; place order for exchange WM to PayPal in our platform; pay for order with Webmoney Merchant.

Is buying WoW accounts safe?

Yes, although that doesn’t mean you will definitely get banned for buying WoW accounts. A lot of people who buy a WoW account never get so much as a warning, but that’s also because they never experience any issues with the transaction, nor do they get reported by any of their friends or guildies.

What is payment verification?

For your protection, our checkout system verifies credit card billing information and address information. This information must exactly match the information on file with your credit card company in order to process.

Is Playerauctions legit for Runescape?

Playerauctions is legit, ive been using it for years but use EXTREME caution. Most games have their own terms of service that prohibit sharing accouny, buying/selling accounts or currencies. Ive bought accounts from sellers there, and have had good experiences thus far.

How long does payment verification take PlayerAuctions?

It should take between 0 – 20 minutes. Note: If the Compliance Team requires more information from you, your order will be held until you provide that information. Check your email and phone to see if they have contacted you.

How can I transfer money from Skrill to PayPal?

The method is to sign up using skrill deposit funds from there and withdraw them onto paypal. Alternatively you could also open a new skrill account and transfer the funds fron your account to this new account maybe of your brother, or any other family member and withdraw the funds.

Can I send money from my PayPal account to my Skrill account?

There is no way to transfer funds from PayPal to Skrill or other online payment systems. PayPal does not allow it. PayPal allows money transfers within their system. Therefore, forget about your idea.

Can you get scammed on g2g?

Intentional fraud or scam – Seller’s account will be permanently suspended and G2G reserves the right to recall all payment being disbursed to seller and pursue legal action.

How do you pay on PlayerAuctions?

PlayerAuctions Pending PaymentGo to the Order Details page,Click “Pay Now” (you’ll have to go through the payment process again)Alternatively, you can cancel the order and re-order it.

How do you become a buyer on PlayerAuctions?

How can I register as a Buyer?On the homepage, click ‘Sign up’. … Enter your name, email address and password.Select your Country, input your phone number, and click ‘send’.You will then receive a PIN code via SMS.Enter the PIN code you receive.Enter your First name, Last name, City, Zip code and Address.I want to: BUY is preselected.More items…•

Can I transfer money from Neteller to PayPal?

Re: transferring money from my neteller to paypal account There is no official way to do this, however there are exchange services that you can use to do such transfer with a fee.