Question: How Much Cash Should I Take To South Africa?

Can I use my debit card in South Africa?

Using debit cards A debit card could be a good travel money choice to take to South Africa.

Most ATMs and EFTPOS machines in South Africa accept Mastercard and Visa debit cards and don’t charge a local ATM fee.

And because you’re spending your own money, you avoid interest charges..

How much is a meal in South Africa?

Cost of Living in South AfricaRestaurants[ Edit ]Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant120.00 RMeal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course550.00 RMcMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)60.00 RDomestic Beer (1 pint draught)30.00 R61 more rows

How much does a beer cost in Cape Town?

Cost of Living in Cape TownRestaurants[ Edit ]Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)80.00 RDomestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)25.46 RImported Beer (12 oz small bottle)34.96 RCigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro)44.95 R61 more rows

Can I use US dollars in South Africa?

South Africa’s currency is the South African rand. When traveling in South Africa, it’s smart to carry both ZAR and US dollars. … Many of Africa’s national parks will only accept US dollars for their entry fees, and some tourist activities, like safaris and other tours, will require that you pay and tip in USD.

How much cash can you have at home in South Africa?

For cash in South African Rand (ZAR), the limit is 25,000ZAR. For combinations of cash in other currencies, the limit is US$10,000 (or equivalent).

How much spending money will I need for a week in Cape Town?

A vacation to Cape Town for one week usually costs around R10,074 for one person. So, a trip to Cape Town for two people costs around R20,148 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs R40,296 in Cape Town.

Is food expensive in South Africa?

While meal prices in South Africa can vary, the average cost of food in South Africa is R306 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in South Africa should cost around R122 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Is it safe to walk around Cape Town at night?

The best way to avoid crime is to be cautious, stay vigilant, be aware of your surroundings – and to keep in mind our insider tips for staying safe in Cape Town. … Don’t walk around at night – crime rates are SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER after dark. Don’t even think about wandering around during this time.

Are things cheaper in South Africa?

Other items which are now cheaper across South Africa include fruit (8.4%), furniture (4.1%) and breads and cereals (4%). Postal and telecommunication services, recreational equipment, fuel (petrol and diesel), hotels and appliances all also experienced slight price decreases.

What is the cheapest month to fly to South Africa?

NovemberHigh season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to South Africa is November.

Can you use credit cards in South Africa?

Credit Cards Visa and MasterCard are generally more widely accepted than any other credit card. If you are traveling in North Africa or South Africa, credit cards are accepted much more widely. Call your credit card company before you travel and let them know you’ll be using your card abroad.

What is the best currency to take to South Africa?

South African randSouth Africa’s currency is the South African rand. When traveling in South Africa, it’s smart to carry both ZAR and US dollars. While many shops and restaurants will accept credit cards, merchants at small, local markets may only accept cash — typically in ZAR.

Is South Africa good value for money?

“South Africa is renowned for offering exceptional value for money year-round,” said Tolene van der Merwe, head of South African tourism in the UK. “With the current exchange rate of 19 rand to the pound, now is the perfect time for British travellers to visit.”

What do they call money in Africa?

South African Rand (ZAR) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator.

How much cash should I bring to Africa?

Personal Expenses: Typically, drinks with meals, gratuities, laundry, select meals and other personal expenses are not included in your package. A good starting point to calculate your cash needs is $20 per person per day. Following is a list of common expenses so that you can better budget your incidental costs.