Question: What Does Camca Stand For?

What is Camca?

CAMCA is an organization comprised of municipal court employees from around the state dedicated to furthering the professional administration of justice.

CAMCA also offers information by way of a ListServ, a collaborative email system that provides assistance and comparison of court policies and procedures..

What does haam stand for?

Humble Area Assistance MinistriesAcronym. Definition. HAAM. Humble Area Assistance Ministries (Humble, TX)

What does Dmfa stand for?

DMFAAcronymDefinitionDMFADesign for Manufacture and AssemblyDMFADanish Ministry of Foreign AffairsDMFADan and Mab’s Furry Adventures (webcomic)DMFADepot Maintenance Float Allowance3 more rows

What does ham stand for Urban Dictionary?

Hard as a MotherfLet’s take a look at some of them, courtesy of Urban Dictionary: 1. Acronym for Hard as a Motherf***er.