Question: What Is The Most Common Computer Software Threat?

What are the three major classes of threats?

3 Common Network Security ThreatsOverview.

Modern technological conveniences can make many parts of our day much easier.

Common Attack Methods.

Denial-of-Service (DoS/DDoS) Attacks.

Social Engineering.



What is an example of a threat?

Examples of Criminal Threats Sending an email to an ex telling him or her you’re coming to kill him or her and the entire family. Calling someone and telling him or her you’re going to kidnap his or her child. Posting on social media that you have an intention to physically beat someone you don’t like.

What are the types of threats?

Common ThreatsBotnets.Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)Hacking.Malware.Pharming.Phishing.Ransomware.Spam.More items…•

What is a software threat?

Software threats are malicious pieces of computer code and applications that can damage your computer, as well as steal your personal or financial information. … Fortunately, many antivirus programs, as well as comprehensive security software, exist to prevent the effects of software threats.

Which of the following is a computer threat?

There are several types of computer security threats such as Trojans, Virus, Adware, Malware, Rootkit, hackers and much more. Check some of the most harmful types of computer Security Threats.