Quick Answer: How Do I Make A Pie Chart With Two Sets Of Data In Excel?

How do I create a pie chart from data in Excel?

ExcelIn your spreadsheet, select the data to use for your pie chart.

Click Insert > Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart, and then pick the chart you want.Click the chart and then click the icons next to the chart to add finishing touches:.

How do I create a pie chart in Excel with totals?

Insert the Chart Select the range or table of data you want to illustrate in your chart. (Note that if your table has a “Grand Total” row, do NOT include this row or it will be considered a “slice” of your pie.) On the Insert tab, click the Pie chart icon in the Charts There are several default charts to choose from.

How do I show totals in Excel chart?

How to Add Total Data Labels to the Excel Stacked Bar ChartStep 1: Create a sum of your stacked components and add it as an additional data series (this will distort your graph initially)Step 2: Right click the new data series and select “Change series Chart Type…”Step 3: Choose one of the simple line charts as your new Chart Type.More items…•

How do I label a pie chart in Excel?

To add data labels to a pie chart:Select the plot area of the pie chart.Right-click the chart.Select Add Data Labels.Select Add Data Labels. In this example, the sales for each cookie is added to the slices of the pie chart.

How do you create a donut chart in Excel?

To create one chart of this data, follow these steps:Select the first data range (in this example B5:C10).On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, select the Pie and Doughnut button and then choose Doughnut:Right-click in the chart area. … In the Select Data Source dialog box, click the Add button:More items…

How do you find the value of a pie chart?

Reading Pie Charts To calculate the percentage each slice is worth, measure the angle of each slice and divide this by 360 then multiply it by 100. To find the number of pieces of data each slice represents, multiply the percentage that each slice is worth by the total number of the data sets.