Quick Answer: Is Deleting An Ex Immature?

Why my ex still has my number?

The whole point on your ex-boyfriend keeping your phone number is to stay in touch with you, despite NOT being together anymore.

Maybe he wants the two of you to be the best of friends.

If you want to keep him in your life, that’s up to you to decide..

Is it petty to delete an ex?

To unfriend your ex right after a breakup is the best time to make the move. The longer you wait before hitting the delete button, the more difficult it will be. There is always the urge to keep in touch, but it will really not be healthy for you. You will just mull over the breakup for a longer period.

Is Blocking someone immature?

If you are blocking someone over a minor disagreement and you don’t want to talk to them for two years then yes that is immature. If you block someone to be vindictive and spiteful then you are immature. However if the person in question harasses or treats you badly then it is ok to block.

Is it better to block or ignore?

The big problem with blocking is that if there was a misunderstanding and you block that person, they have no way of explaining to you what happened (except if you see them in person, that is). … If the person just constantly texts you, maybe just mute and ignore them, rather than outright blocking them.

Is blocking an ex a good idea?

Though blocking exes has become easier than ever, it’s not without critics. Among the many anti-blockers, many are against it because they find it petty and prideful. … It’s not all bad, though, and blocking one’s ex can play a beneficial role in the way some people process their breakups.

Should you get rid of everything from your ex?

If they remind you of your ex and drag you down every time you look at them, then it might be for the best that you put them away. … Just because your romantic relationship has come to an end, doesn’t necessarily imply you should get rid of all reminders of your ex. If they hurt you, by all means, protect yourself.

When should you delete your ex?

While it feels like a final move, according to Leckie it’s actually more of a first step. “[Delete their number] as soon as you know that the relationship is 100 percent over. Psychologically it is the first step in accepting the breakup and moving on. A huge part in letting go,” says Leckie.

Why you shouldn’t block your ex?

One of the reasons is because it’s hard to move on if you see anything that makes you remember him/her. It’s like, in real life, it’s hard to move forward when your ex is around. … But for some reasons you shouldn’t block your ex because… 1. Facebook will serve as your competitor monitoring device.

Should I delete an ex from social media?

If you’re in denial about the end of your relationship, or if you are wallowing in self-pity, then you should delete them from social media, he said. … But even if you’re over your ex, and you’ve moved on to a new relationship, it still might not be healthy for you to ignore that delete button.

What does it mean when someone keeps blocking and unblocking you?

they block and unblock you because they miss you, they want to know how your doing since they can’t see you in person, They don’t have the courage to speak to you and or admit that they still have feelings for you, the best thing you can do to continue your healing process is to not answer and if you have the strength …

Should you delete photos of your ex?

“If the images you have of your ex [are] making a new partner uncomfortable, toss them. … If you want to be sensitive to your new partner’s feelings about photos with your ex, then that’s fine. But if deleting those photos makes you feel uncomfortable, then communicate that to your partner.