Quick Answer: What Does Tot Stand For?

What is a tiny tot?

countable noun.

A tot is a very young child..

What is Tauting?

to solicit support for importunately. to describe or advertise boastfully; publicize or promote; praise extravagantly: a highly touted nightclub.

What is tot in psychology?

Tip of the tongue (also known as TOT or lethologica) is the phenomenon of failing to retrieve a word or term from memory, combined with partial recall and the feeling that retrieval is imminent.

How old is a tot?

Happy Baby, Stage 2: 6+ months. Happy Baby, Stage 3: 7+ months. Happy Tot, Stage 4: 12+ months. Happy Squeeze: 3 – 13 years old.

How do you taunt someone?

To taunt is to tease, insult or antagonize someone by deliberately saying or doing something mean. An example of taunt is when a school bully yells mean things at another child.

What does tot mean in physics?

Typical Operating TemperatureTypical Operating Temperature. Academic & Science » Physics. Rate it: TOT.

What NBA team is tot?

Trail Blazers. asianmangg. 25 points · 2 years ago. Played for multiple teams during the allotted season, TOT is the culmination of player x’s on the teams into one. pineappleteams.

What is tot in full?

ETR’s Training of Trainers (TOT) is a high-level professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and capacity-building assistance for evidence-based program (EBP) implementation.

What does SHT stand for?

ShtAcronymDefinitionShtSegway Human TransporterShtSubclinical HypothyroidismShtSpecial Hull Treatment (tile)ShtSaskatchewan Highways and Transportation (Canada; also seen as DHT)13 more rows

What does tot mean in texting?

TOTAcronymDefinitionTOTTexting on Toilet (senior texting)TOTTalk of the TownTOTTrain of ThoughtTOTTurned Over To51 more rows

How do you taunt?

To use a taunt, the player must press the L button in SSB and up on the D-Pad in Melee. In Brawl, Smash 4 and Ultimate, the direction the player presses on the D-Pad (or the buttons on the Wii Remote for Brawl and For Wii U) determines which taunt is used.

What does tot stand for on Facebook?

Tons Of TimeTOT means: “Tons Of Time”

What does tot stand for in business?

Terms Of TradeThis page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of TOT explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. TOT Stands For : Terms Of Trade | Total Produce | Total Fina | Total Energy Services Inc.

What does taunt mean?

verb (used with object) to reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock. to provoke by taunts; twit.