Quick Answer: What Is BPM Job In Post Office?

What is the role of BPM in post office?

Gramin Dak Sevak: Branch Post Master The BPM is responsible for all financial transactions such as Savings account, Recurring Deposit Account, Sukanya Samridhi Account, etc.

The BPM is accountable for these transactions and he/she report to the accounts department for the financial transactions..

What is the salary of BPM in post office?

Gramin Dak Sevak Salary Of Branch Post Manager – BPMWorking HoursBasicGross Salary3 Hours204560123 Hours 30 Mins320070084 Hours366080155 Hours457510019Jul 15, 2019

What is GDS BPM Level 1 and Level 2?

The minimum working hours of GDS Post Offices and GDS is increased to 4 hours from 3 hours. … The Level 1 GDS Post Offices/GDSs will have 4 hours as working hours and Level – 2 will have 5 hours as working hours. The Point System for assessment of workload of BPMs has been abolished.

What is the highest post in post office?

One of the highest post offices in the world is in Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh operated by India Post at a height of 14,567 ft (4,440 m).

What is the manager of a post office called?

postmasterThe chief administrator of a post office is called a postmaster.

What is the full form of so in post office?

Departmental Information. Kallankurichi S.O. 621705. Sub Post Office (Delivery Office)

Is there any transfer for GDS BPM?

Under this condition to the extent feasible, GDS shall be transferred to a place/office after taking into consideration the preference given by the GDS in writing. (i) BPM Level 2 to BPM Level-2 in TRCA slab-3. (ii) BPM Level-1 to BPM Level-1 in TRCA slab-2.

Is GDS a permanent job?

Related Stories. The appointment on GDS posts are done as a substitute to those for regular vacancies, hence these are permanent posts. However, candidates will always have to work on the GDS post only.

What are the posts available in post office?

Pay Scales of Officers/Staff working in the Department of PostsSl. No.Post4SAG JS&FA/PMG/DDG/GM (Fin) /Chief Engineer5.JAG in NFSG Director/DA (P) /Director MV/Director (OL)/Superintending. Engineer, CMO (NFSG)6JAG Director/DA (P)/Jt. Director/Sr. PPS/Superintending Engineer/Sr. Architect, Joint Director (OL)49 more rows