Quick Answer: What Is The French Equivalent Of LOL?

What’s another way to say LOL?

WORDS MADE FROM LOL Lollerskates, lollercoaster, loltastic, roflcopter—these words are fantastically creative, but like rofl, they ring “vintage early 2000s” to me..

What is PTDR in French?

Interjection. ptdr. (Internet slang, text messaging) Initialism of pété de rire. Literally “broken with laughter”, approximately equivalent to English PMSL.

Is ambulance a French word?

French word for ambulance is l’ambulance.

How do you express laugh in writing?

The most common way to write laughter in English is “haha”. If we want to express more of a giggle, then we can write “hehe” as well. These are examples of onomatopoeia and are different than the acronyms LOL (laughing/laugh out loud) or ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

What does JTM mean in French?

je t’aimeInterjection. jtm. (Internet slang, informal, text messaging, abbreviation) Abbreviation of je t’aime..

Why do Japanese say WWWW?

Where does wwww come from? The use of wwww to represent laughing comes from the Japanese wara (笑), “to laugh.” With the rise of text-messaging and the internet in the 1990s–2000s, Japanese users adapted the kanji 笑 to denote laughter, similar to LOL.

How do French people say haha?

In French it’s hahaha, héhéhé, hihihi, hohoho or mdr, which is mort de rire, literally dying of laughter.

What does XD mean?

1. an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth.

What does KTF mean in French?

Abbreviation of tu fais quoi.

What does WESH mean in French?

Wesh. It comes from slang Algerian “esh” meaning “what’s going on.” It’s used as the equivalent of “wadup?” or “yo.”

What does Haha mean from a girl?

1. Hahaha. The term haha usually means that she no longer wants to chat any further than she already has. She wants to end the conversation right there because she is bored and has better things to deal with.

How do you laugh in Korean?

ㅋㅋㅋ (“kkk”) and ㅎㅎㅎ (“hhh”) are usually used to indicate e- laughter in Korean. ‘ㅋ’, is a Korean Jamo consonant representing a “k” sound, and ‘ㅎ’ represents an “h” sound. Both “ㅋㅋㅋ” and “ㅎㅎㅎ” represent laughter which is not very loud.