Understanding the full potential of consecutive interpretation

Ever encountered having a communication with someone and all of the sudden you realize that they are not really able to get the whole point of your message because of the language barrier between you and the receiver which made it difficult for him to understand you?

Mature businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner and colleagues in a modern office

That is what a lot of people go through everyday, but if we put it into a larger perspective, imagine making a speech about diplomacy that help reshape a nation in front of a large audience varying from different nations. The whole communication process could just go down the drain if no one understood your message because the language that you used was not of theirs.

That problem is best eliminated by consecutive interpretation services in singapore because of the credibility, trustworthiness, and fluency that the interpreter is able to transmit to the audience. This is a breakdown to give you a better understanding about this service.


Efficient interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is when an interpreter listens to the source speaker with his own language and then after a sentence the interpreter will translate it to the target audience in their own native language. This is usually done in events wherein the interpreter will stand next to the source speaker, wherein the interpreter could let the speaker run through his whole speech without being interrupted while the interpreter takes down notes to recreate the meaning of the information from the speaker’s own language to the target language based from the audience.


Best in any scale

Consecutive interpretation are usually done whether in large events in front of large audience members or small ones such as in court hearings, business meetings, medical appointments, international organization events, governmental and non-governmental conferences, and so on. Any occasion that needs the language barrier to be eliminated, and ensure that there is constant interaction in the environment.

Requires no equipment

Unlike other methods of translation, consecutive interpretation requires no equipment unlike simultaneous interpretation offers wherein it would need soundproof booths, audio equipmet and consoles, headphones, and microphones. Consecutive interpretation rather solely bank on the fluency, confidence, and knowledge of the interpreter. The two languages are spoken one after the other,  and throughout the speech or at least 5 to 10 minutes of the source’s speech, the interpreter will rely heavily on his notes to avoid memorizing.

In any event, communication is one of the most important aspect to help spread information and knowledge among people. To avoid language barrier, seeking the help of credible translation companies are key to successfuly relay the message among parties involved, and through consecutive interpretation, it will be made possible.